ZingSale was an online price tracking service that would let you know when products you wanted to buy went on sale. 
ZingSale was a company I founded in 2008. It was an online price tracking website that alerted consumers when products they wanted to buy went on sale. Shoppers simply selected what they wanted to buy, and ZingSale would automatically track the price of the product — and as soon as it the item went on sale the shopper would receive an email alert with a link to the sale. 
I came up with the idea, designed the brand, built the website, and the backend code and database to power it. I went from idea to release in 6 weeks. 2 days after launch it was featured on LifeHacker, and took off from there. By the time I shut the site down 2 years ago, it had tracked over 20 million price changes of more than half a million products. It had also been featured nationwide in the USA on ABC News, Consumer Reports, USA Today, NBC News, Fox News, and over 200 other major media outlets.

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