About Chris Garlotta
Chris Garlotta is a veteran of multiple venture backed technology startups with leadership roles in design, product management, and product marketing. He has created websites, products, and marketing campaigns for companies like Zillow, LinkedIn, General Electric, and more
I strive to create design solutions that are simple, clean, and effective. To me, what works is just as important as what looks good. I take an analytics-driven approach to design which has come from more than 15 years of experience working in product and marketing leadership roles at companies in the web analytics and online marketing industries, like WebSideStory and Kontagent
When I'm not working, I'm traveling. In 2014, my wife and I sold everything, rented out our home in San Francisco, and booked a one way ticket to Europe. From 2014-2018 we traveled around the world non-stop, visiting over 250 destinations. Along with traveling, I enjoy photography and together with my wife run the luxury travel websites TasteInHotels and No Destinations
My wife and I now call Amsterdam home with our 2 young sons, Axel and Zave.
Past Roles
Design Consultant @ Zillow (2017-2020)
Design Consultant @ GE (2016-2017)
Design Consultant @ LinkedIn (2012-2015)
Creative Director @ Kontagent (2012-2013)
Director of Marketing @ awe.sm (2012)
Director of Product Management @ inPowered (2011-2012)
Director of Interactive Marketing @ Eightfold Logic (2010-2011)
Director of Web Development @ XIFIN (2008-2010)
Product Manager @ Proquo (2007-2008)
Marketing Communication Manager @ WebSideStory (2001-207)
Senior Web Designer @ Skyhigh Information Technologies (1998-1999)

You can learn more about my work experience on my LinkedIn profile.
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