Kontagent Product User Interface


Kontagent was a pioneering venture-backed mobile and social analytics company founded in 2007. At it's peak, Kontagent tracked more than 1,500 applications, over 250 million monthly active users and in excess of 150 billion events each month. It was merged with Playhaven in 2014 and is now known as Upsight.

I joined Kontagent as their Creative Director in 2012 and was responsible for managing all visual assets at the company. My role involved ensuring brand consistency across all customer touch points, including; web, social, and customer-facing applications.

In 2013 I lead efforts to completely redesign all corporate visuals; from sales presentations, printed collateral, and trade show environmental signage to the website, email templates and digital advertisements. I also provided UI/UX guidance to the product team during their user interface redesign.